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Nature First Photography

No time! It’s always the same excuse that we find every time we make a proposal outside our busy schedules!
No time to take the time! Or little…

During this period of containment out of time, many were able to enjoy this precious time!
This was the time for everyone to devote themselves to all these «things» put aside for when we have the time. So it was also the time for us to engage in what seems essential to us.

So the invitation to become ambassadors of Natur First to participate in the protection of the planet on our humble scale appeared as an obvious.
We are happy to join Nature First to represent in France this association of photographers who make nature their priority!
Created in the United States in Colorado by two nature photographers, this alliance quickly expanded to put in place several principles that we can all easily apply in order to continue to make photography in a responsible way, respecting the environment in which we operate.

Also guides photographers, we think it is important to raise awareness and inform, not only our friends photographers, but also our guests, our readers…about the right behavior to adopt.

“If nature photographers do not take this kind of collective and proactive action, not only will we continue to see considerable and irreparable damage in our most precious natural places, but we will also see a growing number of regulations and restrictions on photographers.”

If you also want to get informed, get involved, support this mission and become a member of Natur First, contact us via facebook, instagram or email.

Thank you for sharing!

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