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Verdon, other faces

Verdon, other faces


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Beyond the picturesque, the authors think that the Verdon deserves another look, a new discourse. Contemplative all three, they have long remained on the lookout for the original atmospheres that only the Verdon imagines. More than a torrent, it is a myth. when he digs his throats, it is the time he is digging. When he gets lost in a canyon, it’s only to be reborn, blooming in the small sea of ​​Sainte-Croix. On the screen of the cliffs, it is the story of life that is inscribed, a secret and hidden life that is not given to the hurried traveler.

This book is the result of several years of photographic exploration in this still preserved territory. Throughout the pages, the reader will discover different faces of the Verdon, its aquatic, mineral and plant worlds as well as the fauna and flora that inhabit them. The iconic Griffon Vulture and Circaète Jean-Le-Blanc will not be forgotten. Let yourself be carried away by Jean Claude’s poems, Stéphanie’s texts and David’s atmospheric images which enhance the end of the book.

Photographs: David Allemand
Poems & writings: Jean-Claude Barbier & Stéphanie Allemand

Printer: Biotope editions

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