Stéphanie et David Allemand photographes'

Northern paths

Northern paths


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From Scandinavia to the farthest reaches of the Arctic, Stéphanie and David have travelled for several years in these wide open spaces, passing through Iceland and Greenland, discovering at the turn of each path a diversified and contrasted boreal world, where the taiga gives way to the tundra, and the volcanoes to the ice.
Here, a mysterious Great grey owl can be seen behind every tree; further on, a Brown bear advances in a misty atmosphere; elsewhere, a Polar fox roams the original lands while a Puffin appears on the horizon; over there, Walruses lounge on the Arctic beaches and the Polar bear imposes himself as the Lord of the Ice…

“May our most beautiful encounters be the humble testimonies of the fragile beauty of a shared land, and our chimerical visions inspire the desire to protect it.”

Photographs: David Allemand
Texts: Stéphanie Allemand

“Northern paths” is a beautiful book of art photographs, made with high quality paper.

TORO Editions: this book is self-published.

Printing: Escourbiac, French printer that stands out for its eco-responsible and quality commitment.

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28.6 x 28.6 cm

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Choice of paper

Munken Kristall offset paper 170 gsm


rigid woven canvas without plastic lamination




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