Stéphanie et David Allemand photographes'

5th Festival animal pictures and kind “Silences du Ventoux” Photographic Exhibition “Snake eagle”

Thursday, July 16, 2015

“In spring the first Snake eagle arrive from Africa to come back in their territory in the south of France.
In the Natural regional Park of Verdon, located between the Alps and the Mediterranean sea, I have followed for several years various couples of these extraordinary birds of prey, whose characteristic is to feed snakes. From their arrival on the site for nesting to the birth of the young bird, from the hunting of snakes to the feeding of the chicks, I had the opportunity to observe and photograph from my hide incredible scenes of wildlife.

Through the exhibition “Snake eagle”, I hope to let you enter into my hide, to contemplate unsuspected splendors, and discover, in your turn, the secret life of Snake eagle.

This exhibition will be shown at the 5th Festival of photographs of animals and nature “Silences du Ventoux”, in Sault, in Provence, from the 16th to 19th ofJuly 2015 .Two nights are provided “Meetings in Pictures” and “Evening of the Festival” where photographers will explain their approach of nature photography.

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