Stéphanie et David Allemand photographes'

Chasseur d’images n° 438




It is with emotion that we announce the next publishing of our book “Northern Paths”, written in English and French.

From Scandinavia to the borders of the Arctic, passing through Icelandic and Greenlandic lands, we discover at every turn a plural and contrasting boreal world, where the taiga gives way to the tundra, and the volcanoes to the ice. ..
This collection of art photographs accompanied by writings is a sharing of the most touching visions of the north and our encounters with its fauna.
Self-published, this beautiful book will be available from July 2022.
A shop website is under construction in order to buy this book, but you can already contact us by email if you wish to reserve it, with the possibility of dedication.


On this occasion, the magazine “Chasseur d’images” produced a series in the form of interviews, over several issues, retracing the story of this adventure, from the conception of the book to its printing.

The first issue of this magazine will be published from Friday, April 15!

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