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Verdon d’autres visages
(26 June 2013)


Publication of our book in autumn 2013 “Verdon d’autres visages” / “Verdon of other faces”


Presentation of the work :


Beyond the picturesque, the authors think that Verdon deserves another look, a new speech. Contemplative all three, they stayed for a long time on the lookout for the original atmospheres which only Verdon imagines. More than a torrent, it is a myth. When it digs its gorges, it is the time it digs. When it gets lost in a canyon, it is to be better reborn, spread in the small sea of Sainte-Croix. On the screen of cliffs, it is the story of the life that joins, a secret and hidden life which does not give itself to the pressing traveler.

This book is the realization of 10 years of photographic work in the Natural Regional Parc of Verdon. Page after page, you will discover different faces of this still preserved territory : you will enter its aquatic, mineral and vegetal universes, with the fauna and the flora evoluating inside. The emblematic Griffon Vulture and Snake Eagle won’t be be forgotten. Poetry is everywhere in the book, from the artistic images of David to the poems of Jean-Claude and the texts of Stéphanie.

A beautiful book of more than 200 pages..


Open souscription to the 30 of september 2013 at the preferential fare of 24,90 (free shipping) instead of 34,50

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The authors :


David Allemand & Stéphanie Allemand

Born in 1970, passionate about nature, it is in 2003 that I dedicate myself to the photography, my purpose being to contribute with my work at the conservation of the environment.
I become, in 2004, explorer of the territory of my chilhood, the Verdon Gorges and I put a photographic glance on the world throught my numerous journeys.
In 2007, I become professional photographer, and I collaborate with BIOSPHOTO nature agency since this same year.
The Regional Natural Parc of Verdon requests regularly my phtographic work for the elaboration of diverse environmental projects, a partnership which allows me to participate to the protection of the territory, its fauna and its flora.
Finally, I colaborate with diverse international magazines to the realization of reports across all the world.
Numerous journeys has been realized with my wife Stéphanie, who supports me in my projects.
She participates at the editorial work of the reports in France and in the world.
She also realizes many images during these long periods of travel.
I made many exhibitions and some pictures have won International prices

Jean-Claude Barbier

borned in 1945 in Saint Etienne, was teacher of philosophy and french. He is now a “waking writter”. He is the author of many guide books on the region of Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence, novels and news. He participates also, since 2003, in the realization of the regional magazine “Verdons”

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