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  • Wapiti 371
    (2 février 2018)

    In the Wapiti n ° 371 of February 2018, we have the honor to cover a large part of the report on the owls. One of our images of an owl flying is (...)
  • Festival de Ménigoute
    (29 January 2018)

    We were chosen by the Menigoute Festival to be the guests of honor for the 34th anniversary of the International Festival of the Ornithological (...)
  • Festival de l’Oiseau et de la nature
    (27 January 2018)

    We will be exhibiting all of our work on owls & owls in Europe which consists of 28 prints and we will present our latest book "OWLS at the (...)
  • NaturFoto
    (23 janvier 2018)

    In the NaturFoto of February find our images in a report on 10 pages on Spitzbergen. Many images on the wildlife and landscape of this Arctic (...)
  • Eulen 2018

    One of our Hawk owl pictures shows February in the new German KV & H Verlag calendar. These large calendars on a size of 68 by 33 cm (...)
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