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  • Chapitre nature
    (13 March 2018)

    We will be invited to the Festival Chapter Nature from 18 to 20 May 2018 to present our work and our exhibition “OWLS” on the owls of Europe. Our (...)
  • France 2
    (10 March 2018)

    We have just spent two days in the Verdon Gorges and in the Ecrins with a team of journalists from France 2 television to make a report that will (...)
  • Terre Sauvage n°350
    (3 March 2018)

    We have the honor to illustrate a double page “Houleux” in the heading “the world in pictures” of the magazine Terre Sauvage of the month of march n (...)
  • Faune Sauvage.fr
    (1 March 2018)

    FauneSauvage.fr wants to be “a portal of admiration, information, knowledge, awareness, action and exchanges at the service of wildlife”, Philippe (...)
  • AuxoisNature
    (27 February 2018)

    Régis Moscardini, founder of the Animal Photography Blog, offers us a new interview to present our latest book “OWLS”. We answer many questions and (...)
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