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  • Salamandre junior
    (18 April 2018)

    An image of an pygmy owl in flight illustrates a double page in the last Junior Salamander, the journal of nature (...)
  • Salamandre
    (17 April 2018)

    In the April-may issue 245 of the magazine la Salamandre, many images of Tengmalm’s owls and eels come to illustrate a file on these birds “The (...)
  • Natur&Foto
    (13 April 2018)

    We publish a new report of 10 pages in the norwegian magazine Natur & Foto. This new story takes us to the edge of the Arctic, on the (...)
  • Verdons 55
    (12 April 2018)

    In the latest issue of Verdons n ° 55 “Take the air”, find our images on the Verdon on several pages in a portfolio entitled “Vultures (...)
  • Concours Magical Nature
    (24 March 2018)

    Our pygmy owl picture made in the Alps was awarded at the Magical Nature competition in Slovenia, in the category “Birds” receiving an honorable (...)
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