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  • Alpesmag n° 158
    (5 April 2016)

    Report of 7 pages on the pygmy owl, the smallest owl in Europe. The story of “The little owls of the Alps” tells about a work realized for several (...)
  • The call of the poles
    (30 March 2016)

    We have been asked to contribute to the campaign of the poles. One of our images of snowy owl just double page illustrate a magnificent work (...)
  • Bonplanphoto
    (10 March 2016)

    This new interview present our photographic work. It is realised by Grégory Laroche, for the website "Bonplanphoto. Many questions / answers (...)
  • Camera Natura
    (25 February 2016)

    Presentation of our future report in the Swedish magazine Camera Natura on our work in the Verdon Gorge, a portfolio and report that will present (...)
  • Natur&Foto
    (22 February 2016)

    Reportage of several pages on the Baie de Somme from the sky in the Norwegian magazine of nature Natur & Foto. Thank you to the redaction for (...)
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