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  • Oiseaumag
    (26 July 2016)

    We realised the cover of the latest Oiseaumag No. 123 with a photo of griffon vulture. This kind of image can be realised during our photographic (...)
  • GrandsEspaces
    (25 July 2016)

    Back from an Arctic expedition travel where we could navigate in the ice to just over 82 ° North to less than 850 km from the North (...)
  • Canon
    (15 July 2016)

    We thank Canon for their support in our projects and our work. We will have the opportunity to work with lenses such as 200-400 f / 4 during our (...)
  • Terre Sauvage n° 330
    (26 June 2016)

    Special issue for 30 years of Terre sauvage magazine. The most beautiful wilderness of the world with the favorite of the great nature (...)
  • Camera Natura
    (20 June 2016)

    We are pleased to show our beautiful region of gorges du Verdon to Sweden. This month this is the beautiful Swedish nature magazine Camera natura (...)
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