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  • Image & Nature n°65
    (25 October 2013)

    At the approach of the edition of our work on the region of Verdon, the magazine “Image and Nature” of October presents this beautiful book in an (...)
  • Nat’images
    (20 October 2013)

    Report on the follow-up of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl, the biggest night-bird of prey of Europe. A narrative on the ground accompanies the images (...)
  • Festimages-Nature
    (12 octobre 2013)

    I am honored to have been chosen by the organizers of the festival to be the president of the sixth edition of Festimages-Nature, which will take (...)
  • NaturFoto
    (10 October 2013)

    Let us go off to explore new horizons by reading Stéphanie and David Allemand’s last report in the German magazine Naturfoto of October, a travel (...)
  • CameraNatura
    (10 September 2013)

    publication of a report of 12 pages on the fauna and the landscapes of Australia in the Swedish magazine “CameraNatura”. Thank you to the staff (...)
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