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  • Verdons 41
    (9 September 2013)

    Our collaboration continue with the Verdons Editions. Publication of 06 pages in the book “plumes,poils,etc.”. A portrait of snake eagle is on the (...)
  • Fotocult
    (7 September 2013)

    collaboration with the italian magazine Fotocult for the publication of our next book “Verdon, d’autres visages”. The issue introduce the Regional (...)
  • Terre sauvage
    (5 September 2013)

    One picture in double page On the very mysterious pyramids with sharpened edges in the Shetland Islands, in the section “Carnet du monde”, (...)
  • Photography week
    (25 July 2013)

    Collaboration with Photography week, english weekly web magazine adapted for the Ipad users and for the lovers of nature. David will publish this (...)
  • Détours en France
    (12 July 2013)

    To discover in the issue of july in the “Hors série collection” of the magazine “Détours en France” an image in double page to present the Verdon (...)
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