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  • Biosphoto
    (13 July 2017)

    The agency Biosphoto presents the image of our pigmy owl in autumn in its section “An image, a photographer” and announces the publishing of our (...)
  • Oiseaumag n° 127
    (1 July 2017)

    “Oiseau magazine” puts our work in light with the realization of a portfolio of 12 pages. “Night-birds in light” presents the thirteen species of (...)
  • NaturFoto
    (10 June 2017)

    Inside this monthly magazine, it is Ireland that is at the honor ! You can discover our portfolio of 8 pages on this magnificent country, the (...)
  • Magazine of nature Switzerland
    (5 June 2017)

    We have the honor to have a thirteen pages portfolio in a Swiss magazine of nature. This prestigious magazine has done a fine job of layout to (...)
  • International Competition Biophotocontest
    (15 May 2017)

    David was awarded at the International Competition Italian Biophotocontest winning two “highly commended” in the 2017 edition “The Boreal forests”, (...)
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