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  • Terre Sauvage n° 344
    (1 September 2017)

    We have the honor to illustrate a double page “In the shelter” in the section “the world in pictures” of the magazine Terre Sauvage of the month of (...)
  • International Competition Biophotocontest
    (24 August 2017)

    Our image of a Great grey owl, awarded at the International Biophotocontest Competition in Italy, is on the cover of the book showing all the (...)
  • Image & Nature
    (18 August 2017)

    As we approach the publishing of our book on owls of Europe, the magazine Image & Nature n° 94 of the month of August presents our images in a (...)
  • France 3
    (15 August 2017)

    On the occasion of the publishing of our book “OWLS” on the owls of Europe, you can watch the interview carried out by France 3 in the Massif of (...)
  • Montphoto
    (20 July 2017)

    Two images were awarded in the International Competition of Montphoto in Spain, in the category “Art in Nature”. The one is an image realized in (...)
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